Congratulations Gahr High School! 2015 California State Band Champs!
2017 Division Update

After listening to your feedback, CSBC will be adding a 6A division in 2017. We are working on our rules update for 2017 and will post it as soon as it is available. The Division Breakdown is as follows:

Division 1a 1-35

Division 2a 36-50

Division 3a 51-70

Division 4a 71-100

Division 5a 101-140

Division 6a 141+

2017 Fall Season Update

2017 Fall Registrations Are Officially Open

Band registrations for the 2017 season are officially open! To view our 2017 schedule, click the events tab at the top of the screen. To register for shows log in to your competition suite account and click the registration link.

Recent Events
CSBC Finals
CSBC Division Finals - 1A and 2A
CSBC Division Finals - 3A, 4A and 5A