State Championships (4a - 6a)
Date: November 18, 2023

Huntington Beach High School
Huntington Beach High School
Director Information

State Championships will be seated by the 1st place ensemble of each division plus the 10 highest scores (Northern / Southern California Combined) for a total of 16 competing ensembles. Performance order will be in reverse order of scores (lowest first highest last)

Northern California Division 4 Champion
Southern California Division 4 Champion
Northern California Division 5 Champion
Southern California Division 5 Champion
Northern California Division 6 Champion
Southern California Division 6 Champion
Highest Score 1
Highest Score 2
Highest Score 3
Highest Score 4
Highest Score 5
Highest Score 6
Highest Score 7
Highest Score 8
Highest Score 9
Highest Score 10

There are no performances!